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Nice doing business with an honest stalker.


Shilov (Шилов) is a minor character who appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, as the Loners main base's trader.


An experienced loner Stalker, Shilov was quick to show up when Father Valerian created the loner community. As one of the first to join up, he decided that he would work as the faction's main trader, saying that he has the experience to do it from learning a few from Sidorovich and that he was trading-in comic books for cash during his elementary school years.


Clear Sky[]

Shilov is the one who handles all trading at the loner base, and he is also the one to give the player any faction-related quest rewards. Shilov can always be found in his booth at the loner base located at the Cordon. He gives one job that requires the elimination of a few bandits near a farm. He also gives the coordinates of a USB flash disk containing upgrades for combat shotguns for 900 rubles.