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Shishak (Rus. Шишак) is the leader of a large group of Bandits in Yanov during the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Shishak and his Bandits traveled to Yanov to exploit the growing population of Stalkers eager to explore the center of the Zone. He and his men have taken over the Container Warehouses. Unlike some of his contemporaries, he claims to be a 'fair man' who will 'not take more than he is owed.'


Call of Pripyat[]

Shishak's role is primarily around the hostage situation of Mitay, where he is holding him for ransom for either the Goldfish artifact they found or 15,000RU. Depending on what the player decides to do, one can either pay the ransom or forcefully break Mitay out by eliminating Shishak and his Bandits.

If the player negotiates for Mitay's release and he lives, Shishak, unlike Jack, will not stray out of the Container Warehouses and instead remain there for the entire game. He also does not have anything of interest in his inventory, so there is no real reason to kill him other than for fun. If the player has given the Goldfish to Shishak, they can kill him to reclaim it, though this will turn the Bandits in the compound hostile.

If the player opts to storm the compound, Shishak will retreat to the back of the building and hold a gun to Mitay's head. The player only has a few seconds to kill Shishak before he kills Mitay who, likewise, has nothing of interest in his inventory.

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