The shooting range is a mini-game featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. This mini-game is taken from Major Zvyaginstev. It is a way to both improve one's skill and earn a little cash in the process. The player chooses from a set of weapons given by the Major and note that these are the only ones he can use. The game has 3 modes: Practice, Scoring and Accuracy challenge. The player only has 60 seconds to meet the major's wager, else he'll lose it. His shooting range can be found in the north entrance of Duty's base.

Practice Edit

Nothing gained and nothing lost, this is a good way for one to improve his skills before trying to play for cash.

Scoring challenge Edit

The objective is to hit the targets as much as possible whilst keeping shots as close to the bulls-eye. The closer the shot is to the bulls-eye, the better the score. Scoring depends on chosen weapon and one is only rewarded if he attains the major's wagered score.

Accuracy challenge Edit

A real challenge for a crack shot. The objective is to hit the target at the center while conserving ammo and keeping up with time. The player is only rewarded if he beats the major's wagered score.

Trivia Edit

On the shelf to the left of Major Zvyaginstev one can find two boxes of a supposedly removed ammo type called 7.62x54mm PP which does not load in any weapon and has a different box and inventory icon.

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