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Lt. Col. Shulga

Lieutenant Colonel Shulga is a character who appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Like most, if not all of Duty's high command, Shulga once served in the Ukrainian Military as a field officer, stationed near what was to become the Zone. When the Zone formed, Lenya, an intelligence officer and his friend, were sent to the Zone as part of an investigation effort.

During their work, some kind of incident occured, leaving both badly wounded. They were both picked up by Dutyers and taken under their care and protection. Unfortunately, Lenya's injuries were too severe and he died. Traumatized by his experience and with no one else to turn to, Shulga decided to join Duty. After all, he had "his own score to settle" with the Zone.


Lt. Col. Shulga is in charge of the Duty members in the Yanov area. He is located within Yanov Station, which is shared between Freedom, Duty, and Loners. It is possible that he is friends with the local technician, Nitro, since Nitro always favors Duty. The player can inform him about Flint's true identity, and the player can give him both General Tachenko's and Morgan's PDAs, resulting in a substantial boost to the player's standing with Duty. If the player has a good relationship with Duty, Shulga will agree to send out recruiters to Strider and his team.

Eventually, tensions escalate between Freedom and Duty, resulting in one of the following endings. The endings are based on the actions done by the player.


  • Duty Wins: Shulga and his men convince the Loners to help push Freedom out of Yanov Station. Loki is killed and his entire unit is destroyed.
  • Draw: Both Shulga's and Loki's men leave their respective factions, owing to the frustration of the constant fighting and lack of any progress, and eventually becoming Loners.
  • Duty Loses: Loki and his men convince the Loners to help push Duty out of Yanov Station. Shulga is killed and his men are forced to retreat.



  • It seems that Shulga actually owns a Storm, as in Call of Pripyat, attaching a scope to the Tunder S14 is impossible. However, the Storm, which is a military experimental weapon and obtainable from Nimble, is able to sport a PSO-1 scope.


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