Silence is the Duty special taskforce unit under the command of Colonel Skull.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

When General Voronin agreed to a ceasefire with Freedom, Skull and his men disagreed with that decision openly. [2] Eventually, they rebelled against orders and went rogue, deciding to kill Lukash and eliminate Freedom on their own. However, due to diligent perimeter control by snipers, they were unsuccessful - they managed to plant a crate of dynamite at the western wall, an achievement paid for with the death of a Silence member.

Due to this, they have been forced to camp down on a farmstead just outside the base, although have been known to attack Freedom patrols outside the base, and sometimes, any witnesses who won't keep their "silence" about their location and activities.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Shadow of Chernobyl[edit | edit source]

Silence squad members appear in the army warehouses, first seen taking out a three man Freedom patrol. Then, they gather in an abandoned farm west of the military base, preparing for an assault. The player can decide to help them by killing the tower sniper and then Lukash. Alternatively, he can kill them, either with Max's help or without it, the latter impressing Lukash quite a bit.

Because they are considered deserters by Duty's code and therefore a renegade unit, the rest of the Duty faction will not take action if the player kills any Silence members. However if the player refuses to go on a raid with Skull and just leaves the team alone, Silence team will attack the Freedom base automatically by themselves.

Attacking Freedom base has serious problems, the main being the large number of enemies versus the player and some 10 men. Unless the player somehow manages to kill as many Freedom members as possible, many members of Silence will be slaughtered in the attack, including the team leader, making the relevant side mission glitch, and prevent completion. Another issue is that if the player doesn't kill the Sniper fast enough, he may kill half the squad single-handedly.

Attacking Silence to get Lukash's attention isn't as hard, as sometimes while the player is assaulting the farm, the members of Silence will take cover behind various objects and die by the Electro and Springboard Anomalies that are present nearby.

Win or lose, the farm will be occupied later by various Loners, possibly even the stalker named Master who is a target for an assassination mission. Due to unknowns and minor glitches, the members in this farm will become frequent victims of random mutant attacks, or fail to avoid the Electro anomaly directly behind the farm on a hill, as many of their corpses can be found here after some time.

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