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A Silencer is a weapon add-on that conceals the muzzle flash and loud noise made when a weapon is discharged. In game this changes the flight path and velocity of the bullet as it passes through.


Silencers in the Zone came with a set of adapters that allowed it to be outfitted to a wide variety of calibers. Meaning that the silencer could be attached to a UDP compact and then to a TRs-301 without any complications. Not all weapons can mount a silencer.


An Tunder S14 with a mounted silencer.

Unlike other attachments such as scopes or grenade launchers, it is important to note that attaching a silencer often has negative effects on the weapon's overall accuracy, and more importantly on damage - in most weapons it can reduce the damage anywhere from 20 to 40%, and the range and velocity by a corresponding amount. The most noticeably affected are the NATO calibre rifles - specifically, the GP-37 and SGI 5k drop to 37 & 30 damage respectively, weaker than an unmodified Akm-74/2. Thus, the stealth comes at a steep trade-off, and spraying in hopes of scoring a headshot is heavily discouraged - if you get into a heated gunfight, the silencer will put you at a disadvantage due to your reduced damage output.

This is due to the in game fact that the most of the gasses and force used to propel the bullet out of the muzzle are absorbed by the silencer.  While this does reduce recoil as less force is exerted out, the bullet will travel considerably slower due to less force pushing it out the muzzle, where gravity starts to pull the bullet down. In the real world, maximum velocity is already achieved by the time the projectile exits the muzzle and enters the body of the silencer; silencers often actually increase muzzle velocity by a insignificant amount.

In all of the games, attaching a silencer has the following effects:

  • 20% Damage Reduction
  • 20% Bullet Velocity Reduction
  • 20% Spread Increase
  • 20% Less Recoil


The silencer can be mounted to a large variety of different weapons due to its set of adapters, though note that not every gun can mount one. However, in Call of Pripyat upgrades might be necessary in order to use the silencer.

Shadow of Chernobyl[]

The following are unique weapons that come mounted with a silencer.

Clear Sky[]

Call of Pripyat[]


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Silencers were uncommonly found in Shadow of Chernobyl. Most silencers there appeared on unique weapons and could not be removed.

Possible locations for silencers include:

Open world[]

  1. Army Warehouses area, south of the bloodsucker village and west of the Freedom base where the Duty squad is camped out, attached to a rifle on the top floor of a broken house. This is not a stash, just items lying around behind some crates.
  2. To the South West of the bridge checkpoint in Cordon. In the compound consisting of 3 buildings, there will be 2 connected in an L shape on your map with a truck parked in the corner of this L. Jump on the front of this truck and then onto the top. After that you will find a roof level with the truck. Jump across to it, then up onto the slightly higher connected roof, and you will see a little metal box to your right. Stab it with the knife, after that you will have to go inside the building to get the silencer and some ammo, right were you stabbed the box. The ammo that it comes with is 5.45x39mm FMJ bullets to, there is around 150 rounds.
  3. In the load floor of a truck at Garbage at the truck graveyard, under a steel plate in a box.


  1. Obtained from Barkeep at the 100 Rads Bar in Rostok. If you agree to find a Meat Chunk, Flash, Crystal Thorn or Night Star for him, you will get the Berill 5-M Suit as a reward. But if you ask the Barkeep for an other job right after that (depending on version you may not close the dialog), he will ask to find a Goldfish, for which the reward is a Silencer, M203 Grenade Launcher and TRs 301 rifle in top condition.


  1. Hidden safe - Found in the Dark Valley in a stash, behind the three large cisterns and the little house where you will sometimes find a wounded stalker who gives you the info on the cheap Gauss rifle. It can vary as to who has this info, most of the time from a body in the Dark Valley or from a bandit at Garbage.
  2. By the three cisterns - In a stash at the Agroprom Facility, not far from he tunnel entrance there is a group of four large cisterns, in the back near the corner of the wall is a cross that has it. Note that there are a few anomalies around.
  3. Metalworking inventory - At the Agroprom Base, in a stash not far from where you have to find the Military documents.
  4. Chest on the roof - In a stash at a rooftop of the Agroprom Facility, you can find its location by killing or searching Loners in the Dark Valley or Garbage.
  5. Seems to be random in a stash at the Agroprom Base.[source/verification needed]

Clear Sky[]

In Clear Sky, silencers became more common-found. They are easily procured from traders outside the Swamps.

Call of Pripyat[]

Silencers are a common sight in Call of Pripyat.



Shadow of Chernobyl[]