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The Skadovsk (Скадовск) is the central location in Zaton. It appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. As the hub status suggests, the Skadovsk is the focal point for nearly all quests in the area. This place is also the B2 evacuation point for military


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A rusted shadow of its former self, this old transport ship was converted by stalkers under the leadership of Beard and Grouse into a fully fledged stalker camp after the Brain Scorcher was shut down. The Skadovsk is sturdy enough to provide protection from blowouts and features rudimentary living quarters, an infirmary, tech shop and bar. It even has electrical lighting, courtesy of the ship's old engine, which was restored to working order. The walls and the deck in the mid and fore section are mostly stripped down, and the bow is almost broken off. It is here you enter (note that you must have holstered the weapons to enter). There is also another entry, by the tugboat on port side, up the deck, and in the door.

The outside decks are often patrolled by stalkers day and night, ensuring the safety of the "passengers".

Anyone is welcome on board, provided they behave themselves and leave hostility at the doorstep. Beard doesn't discriminate against anyone, even Sultan's bandits despite the tension brewing in the ship.


The ship has three "decks" but is otherwise easy to navigate. The bottom floor is accessible through a door located in the ruined remains of the forward cargo hold. It connects via stairs to the second floor, where Owl's shop, Cardan's station and Tremor's infirmary are located, along with the sleeping room and your private box. Finally, at the top, where the bridge used to be, is Nimble's office. The top floor is also where doors to the exterior of the ship are located, allowing access to the upper deck. They are patrolled by armed loners.


Due to its status as a hub, the Skadovsk is nearly always full of stalkers and bandits, who seek a break from the constant fight for survival in the Zone. They can be seen milling about, resting and eating. Most notably, Beard and Sultan, local faction leaders took up residence here.

Depending if the player has assisted Beard or Sultan, more bandits will appear if they are favored and vice versa for the Loners.


  • Skadovsk is the name of a real Ukrainian City. It is a port city in the southern area of Ukraine in the province of Kherson Oblast.
  • Skadovsk is the actual river-going cargo ship, which participated in the liquidation of the 1986 disaster. Unlike in the game, the ship was left flooded in Chernobyl port, not in Pripyat.
  • If you kill a fellow Stalker, Bandit or Loner within a certain range of Skadovsk, the Skadovsk will become off-limits for a time (1-3 in-game hours). The Loners that patrol the top of the ship will fire at you on sight, and the door into the ship will be blocked with the message "The camp is on alert". When you are allowed back in, you will hear a radio message informing you that the Skadovsk is open again. It is worth noting that this situation will result in resetting player's reputation with Loners, as seen through trading (all discounts will disappear).