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Lieutenant Skelya, at your service.

Skelya introducing himself to Major Degtyarev

Lieutenant Skelya is a character that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.



Skelya is one of the few survivors of Operation Fairway. It is unknown which Stingray he was part of.

Events of Call of Pripyat[]

When Major Alexander Degtyarev meets the survivors of Operation Fairway in the abandoned city of Pripyat, Skelya is among the few who survived the repeated Monolith attacks. He is originally seen near Kirillov in the Laundromat, but will eventually move to the main room after Klimenko dies. Like most of the soldiers, he cannot be interacted with; instead, if the player attempts to speak with him, he will advise the player to speak to Kovalsky.

If Sokolov did not survive the Jupiter Underground, Skelya will replace him during the Shattering the Monolith mission. He uses the same weapon as Sokolov - a scoped AC-96/2 - but uses a much tougher armor.

While Degtyarev goes in the secret Lab X-8 in order to investigate the experiments made by The Group prior to the Zone's creation, Skelya and his squadmates Yarmoshuk, Merkulov and Rogovets are sent by Kovalsky to investigate a radio jammer detected by Kirillov. When Degtyarev returns from X-8, Kovalsky tells him about the disappearance of the squad, and requests the player to find them.

Degtyarev then goes to their last location, where he find the bodies of soldiers, minus Rogovets. He then searches Yarmoshuk's body to find explosives to use to breach in the Kindergarten.

The cause of their death is never revealed, although it would be likely the psi field that surrounds the Kindergarten that made them go insane and shoot themselves.


  • His body never disappears, which means the player can use it as a stash of some sort.