Hey, stalker! I got a job for a good shooter. Come up if interested....or piss off.
- Skull

Skull (Cherep / Череп) is a character that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Colonel Skull disobeyed Voronin's orders and decided to attack the Freedom base. Voronin advises the Marked One not to take part in their "suicide mission", but the player can still work for him with no damage to their reputation with Duty. In fact, siding with them also boosts their reputation with Duty. If the player refuses to come along in the raid, Skull's team will attack the Freedom base by themselves and attempt to kill Lukash.

Appearances Edit

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

Skull is found in the farmstead to the west of the Freedom base in the Army Warehouses, leading a group of seven Tunder S14-equipped Exoskeleton-clad experts. Skull can give the player two missions: Kill the tower sniper, requiring the player to eliminate a Freedom marksman, and Kill Lukash, to help them kill Lukash and raid the Freedom base.

There are high chances for Skull to die during the raid. However, with sufficient protection (especially against the Freedom snipers), he has a chance to make it out alive. If he dies, whoever of his squad that survives the raid will give the player their reward instead.

Otherwise, one could turn in Skull to Lukash, triggering the mission Destroy the Duty company, where the player must help Max's squad eliminate Skull and his group.

Call of PripyatEdit

You shouldn't have come here Stalker... Now you will be WORM FOOD!
- Skull before he attacks the player in Jupiter

Skull makes a reappearance in Call of Pripyat, having survived the events of Shadow of Chernobyl, as part of the mercenary team tasked with defending the Mobile Lab in Yanov. He is still wearing his exoskeleton, though repainted to suit the usual Mercenary color schemes. When spoken to, he will make threats to the player. At the Mobile Lab where the player first encounters him, he patrols the grounds with a SPSA-14 and ignores the player, or orders him to get away from him.

The player only has one chance to encounter Skull in combat; inside the Jupiter Factory Admin Building along with the rest of Black's team. He and another Mercenary, Corpse, ambush the player the moment he grabs the administrative documents in the building. Like the other Mercs in the team, he becomes openly hostile, the player can either engage the mercenary team and leave the complex the way they came, or bypass them by jumping out of the window of the room the administrative documents are located in. He will wait for the player just outside the room with Corpse, equipped with his SPSA-14. There is no particular reward for killing him, nor there is any valuable loot on him minus his shotgun.


  • As with all important characters, the corpses of Skull and his team remain forever, letting players use them as a stash of sorts.
  • Curiously, though Skull is the leader of his platoon, he is the least experienced of all; most of its members are in the ranking of the best stalkers, while he is never there.
  • Skull being a Mercenary in Call of Pripyat can be assumed that he was discharged from Duty by General Voronin for his insubordinance, and that there were more lucrative jobs as a Mercenary than serving Duty.
  • Skull stands in plain view of the Freedom sniper he sends the player to kill. He may be noticed and killed by the sniper, preventing the Marked One from participating in the raid on Freedom HQ.
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