Listen. Once there was a military motor column here transporting gas which didn't make it. No one knows what happened...
- Owl

Colonel P.P. Slavin is the Unit Commander of #423 mentioned in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Call of Pripyat Edit

Colonel P.P. Slavin led an ill-fated convoy carrying A canister of Perin B3 gas over the Preobrazhensky Bridge. According to Internal order No. 423, Slavin would have been riding in the last vehicle, which is at the north end of the vehicle column.

The Colonel comes into play during the optional Bloodsucker Lair mission. According to Owl, what caused the column to stop on the bridge and what happened to the unit is a mystery. Most speculate that they drove through the Whirligig anomalies and were vaporized. Another popular theory is that they were caught in an Emission and their bodies dragged away by Mutants. The story that's often told around a campfire by a veteran stalker is that, because his vehicle is some distance behind the others, Slavin had his driver stop so he could take some pictures from the bridge and the unit was attacked by a horde of Bloodsuckers. This is why you often hear stalkers call out, "Keep up or become bloodsucker food." Perhaps the gas Degtyarev is after will be used on those very same Bloodsuckers, thus avenging the unit's demise.

Notes Edit

The four documents carried by Slavin's unit can be sold to Owl.

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