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Sliver (In some translations, known as: Splinter) (Schepka / Щепка) is a Loner from the Yanov area. He only appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Call of Pripyat[]

Splinter is found the first time the player explores the Quarry. Found wounded beside a Fruit Punch, he begs for a medkit - but the player is also given the option to try and escort him. Either way he proves to be beyond help, mortally wounded. He states he had been exploring the anomaly field with a trusted companion, only for said companion to suddenly ambush him, taking his gun and artifacts for himself and throwing Splinter into the anomaly field (suggesting he was thrown from the earth mover above). He only identifies his accomplice as a 'Freedomer' before he expires.

Upon returning to the train station safehouse, the player can possibly overhear Flint regaling his Freedom comrades with the tale of him and a friend exploring anomalies together, only to end it by stating that his friend got himself killed disregarding Flint's advice. The player can approach him and call his bluff, accusing him of Splinter's murder - Flint will admit it to the player, and his Freedom companions may also overhear and leave in disgust, but also states he is protected by being a member of Freedom. In his monologue he also reveals himself to be Magpie, who is wanted in the Zaton area for betraying the local monster hunting team.

Simultaneously, both quests are solved, and he can be turned in to any of the three factions involved - Freedom, Duty, or the Loners based in Skadovsk.