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Our orders are to take off if we are under attack, so hurry the hell up!

Smirnov to Kovalsky

Lieutenant Smirnov is a character that only appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.



He is a member of the Ukrainian Military. Due to him being part of an evac team, it is likely he is not part of the army troops stationed in the Zone.

Call of Pripyat[]

He is part of the evac team designed to evacuate Major Alexander Degtyarev, Strelok and the rest of Operation Fairway survivors out of the Zone. He appears only in the mission "Evacuation", at the evac point B28 in Pripyat along with two random soldiers to protect the site while Degtyarev, Strelok, Kovalsky and all the other survivors fight their way through Zombified Stalkers and mutants to reach the evac point. He is heard communicating with the team twice: once to Kovalsky to ask about the team's whereabouts, and the second time to the player to report they are under attack by "an unidentified enemy". He is armed with a scoped AC-96/2.

He has a chance of dying during the battle against the Monolith forces. Either way, his death does not affect the rest of the mission, nor the ending sequence.


  • Even though it appears Smirnov leads the evac team, he is accompanied by a random Expert soldier (ranked as a Captain), while he is only ranked as Lieutenant.