Smoke grenades are a type of grenade that is only available in the multiplayer portions of all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

Overview Edit

They appear as a black and red RGD-5 and are slightly lighter then the original explosive variety. When thrown, each emits a large field of smoke which, depending on the game, has varying degrees of success. No damage is caused by this device nor its smoke, but it can make hitting a target more difficult with ranged weapons.

Appearances Edit

Though these grenades are not available for use within the singleplayer campaign they can be added in via modifications. In Shadow of Chernobyl the grenades are comparatively ineffective unless used in conjunction with a modification, whereas in Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat they can be used with a large degree of success, though most enemies and friendlies will treat the grenade as an explosive, either turning hostile or sprinting away from it depending on their disposition. This fact makes it an excellent psychological weapon that may flush enemies out of confined areas.

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