Snag (Koryaga / Коряга) is a shady Loner who appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Call of PripyatEdit

The player's first encounter with him is in Skadovsk. He'll offer a quest to retrieve a cache container in the Unreachable Stash near the petrol station, afterwards the loot will be shared by both him and the player. Inevitably he'll end up with the lion's share of the loot despite claiming the two would split everything equally. As an alternative the player can take the case to Cardan, who will crack it open for a mere 500 RU and give the player the entire contents.

Later on, if the player purchases and equips any weapon from Nimble, Snag will try to take the gun, claiming it was stolen from him. If the player refuses to hand the gun over, speak with Nimble and explain the situation. Afterwards, Snag will disappear. In order to continue the quest, you must talk to Beard or Sultan. Both will direct you towards the Dock Crane where several bandits are. They take note that the player is the one with the unique shooter and one of the bandits demands to be paid, revealing Snag was the one who set up the trap. Refusing to pay them will make them all hostile.

Afterwards, Snag will hide in Yanov and if the player asked him about the set up, he'll deny it saying he had nothing to do with it. After leaving the Yanov station, upon returning, Snag will steal the player's personal stash in Yanov to pay his debt to Sultan's Bandits.

The player is then tasked with asking the residents of the station. Nearly all of them state they were too occupied with their tasks and/or are not bothered. Nitro and Lieutenant Colonel Shulga will note worthy mention that if Duty took over, this theft would not have occurred. Only Bonesetter provides the necessary info in which he ran into Snag and witnessed where he was going.

Snag can be found once again in the substation in Yanov, with a Bandit threatening him. The player's equipment can be found in the basement of the substation along with either random assault rifle with some ammo or armor and helmet, though all of them will be low-to-mid-tier, a Veles detector also has a chance of being included. Afterwards, he'll always remain in Yanov station, sitting on the crate behind Grizzly (if you revived him), or at Pilot's table if Strider was recruited in Duty first.


  • Like Owl, Snag is a Loner who engages in business with Sultan.
  • After rescuing Snag, you can kill him to get his PDA which point to a stash in the substation workshop in Zaton. You can sell it to Owl but will only merit you a mere 200RU.
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