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Machine gun supplied with a modified optic sight for carrying out sniper fire. The optics embedded into the body of the weapon has a higher resolution than the standard model.

In-game description

The Sniper Obokan is a unique variant of the Obokan assault rifle featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


The variant is an enhanced version of a standard Obokan with a PSO-1 Scope attached to it. The only difference between a normal Obokan and this weapon is that the Sniper Obokan is more accurate and its scope has a higher resolution.


This is the assault rifle used by Oleg Gusarov. Oleg can be found at Rostok prior to visiting Lab X-18 - killing him there is not advised as it will result in the player becoming hostile to the Duty faction and stalkers in the vicinity. After giving the Barkeep the Lab X-18 documents, Oleg will wander off. He can be mostly found at Vampire's farmstead in the Dark Valley, although he can also be found in the Wild Territory, near the crash site. Sidorovich gives a mission that requires the player to kill him.


  • The description oddly states the Obokan is a machine gun, even though it is fairly obvious it is actually an assault rifle.