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Differs from the basic model in its ability to add an optical sight PSO-1.

In-game description

The Sniper VLA is a unique weapon featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


The Sniper VLA is a customized VLA Special Assault Rifle. Unlike the stock model, the Sniper VLA can be fitted with a PSO-1 scope, although this is not supplied with the weapon; the weapon itself, however, remains unchanged, minus its higher reliability.

Once attached, the scope makes this gun ideal for sniping or assault missions, especially if stealth is a priority. It offers high accuracy, high damage with great armor piercing abilities, and it comes with an integrated silencer. It is easily a good replacement for a Vintar BC, although lacking its damage and accuracy in exchange for a double magazine size and lower weight.


This one of a kind weapon can only be acquired after doing side missions for General Voronin. After doing several of his optional repeatable quests:

  1. Get rid of the pack of dogs in the Garbage.
  2. Destroy the herd of fleshes also in the Garbage.
  3. Destroy the bandits again in the Garbage.
  4. Destroy the pseudodogs in Army Warehouses.
  5. Kill the bandits in the Wild Territory.
  6. Destroy the security post of the Mercs in Army Warehouses.

Then the next two repeatable side missions will be offered along with this mission (and other remaining missions)

The reward for this mission includes the Sniper VLA.


  • The mission that gives this weapon is repeatable, though making it so requires a trick. Voronin will offer Purge the freedomers in his sequence if a Freedom NPC is in the Bloodsucker village. The bodies of the first two non-unique Freedomers that accompany Murk don't disappear after they are killed and their presence inhibits any Freedom respawns from returning to the village. If these bodies are destroyed in a vortex anomaly, the player can complete this mission as many times and receive as many Sniper VLAs as they like.