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Don't shoot! I'm Senior Lieutenant Sokolov, co-pilot of Stingray 4. I'm on my way to B28 the emergency position.

Sokolov announcing himself to Cpt.Tarasov.

Senior Lieutenant Sokolov is the pilot of Stingray 4 in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Previous history[]

An experienced pilot, Sokolov was tapped to fly one of the advanced STINGRAY helicopters for Operation Fairway. However, just prior to the events of the game, his helicopter was one of those struck with an airborne anomaly, and it fell into the Jupiter Factory. While the remainder died on impact or shortly after in the struggle to escape, Sokolov made it to safety.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Sokolov doesn't make an appearance in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, but he is described in a document from dead Spetsnaz agent in the Chernobyl NPP. The document states that Sokolov was the pilot of an air detachment unit called "Sokol".

Call of Pripyat[]

Sokolov wearing his SSP-99M Suit for the Pripyat underground.

Sokolov is found inside the Mobile Lab, having already made his way to one of the designated evacuation zones, and eventually being rescued from certain death by Garry. The two appear to have become fast friends in their time inside the mobile lab. Sokolov does not inform the player how or why he is there and not at the other evacuation zone, stating his mission is classified. He only changes his stance briefly if the player explores the Volkhov AA Complex (his evacuation zone) finding Sokolov's Note and returning it to him. It should be noted the player should explore the Volkhov base fully as the armory can only be opened with the code from the very same note.

When the player gets ready to enter the Pripyat Underground, he can ask Sokolov for assistance, and must go into a new anomaly field called the Rotten (or Anomalous) Grove in order to bring back a specific plant specimen for the Ecologists. Then, they will give him one of their vaunted SSP-99M suits, and he will join the player.

His durability inside the Underground is suspect. While he tends to last longer then Zulu or Strider when left unattended, he is nearly useless against the zombies in the later areas if the Monolith snipers don't kill him. He'll also immediately grab any of the dropped weapons if Vano doesn't beat him to it. After he gets out of the Underground however, he gets outfitted by his fellow Military men and becomes a valuable fighter, trading his carbine for an AC96/2. As long as he survives any conflicts, he is present in the laundromat to the very end and takes part in the final evacuation. In the ending slideshow, it is revealed that following another botched military flight into the Zone, Sokolov retires from the air force, to instead become a commercial airline pilot.

If he does not survive the Pripyat Underground, one of the Military Stalkers in the Laundromat takes his place in the Bookstore raid, but will be killed off prior to the Evacuation.

NOTE: If the player does not recruit Sokolov for the underground, Garry will lead him to Pripyat after the player recovers the Gauss gun.


  • His lack of fighting experience shows - he is a horrible shot with any weapon.
  • Either intentionally or through an AI glitch, he is absolutely unwilling or unable to shoot most zombies and will be quickly killed by them.
  • There's a rather convenient, though rarely appearing glitch in the final evacuation that Sokolov won't leave laundromat when the evacuation commences. Regardless of whether this glitch happens, player will still get the good ending for Sokolov, (assuming he's still alive).
  • He's either incredibly lucky, or learned from his experience in Pripyat - evading Mercenary units in Limansk for over a week after another crash and was rescued by the military in the Cordon (covered in his good ending).
  • When exiting the Pripyat Underground, Sokolov draws out an AKm 74/2U with a silencer, despite the fact that this is not possible in game and his carbine had no silencer attached to begin with.
  • He is the only character in Call of Pripyat to use an army outfit which can be seen when he is inside the mobile lab. This is most probably because pilots are not usually outfitted with dedicated combat gear as: they are not normally expected to fight on the ground, it obscures their movement in a cockpit due to it's bulk and it is not logistical.
  • There is a rare glitch, where Sokolov might not return to the Laundromat after examining the antenna, however his appearance does not vanish from Pripyat, indicating he is wandering around the city aimlessly. What causes this glitch is uncertain, but it might be because of the player not following him back to the Laundromat after the battle for the Bookstore.
  • Sokolov is the only surviving pilot of the Stingrays.