An old sheet with the sentry duty schedule and the numbers 1421 underneath. A note written using a marker over the old writing read: "Lieutenant V.I. Sokolov. Following the crash of the helicopter I proceeded to evacuation point B205. No evacuation attempts were made for two days and remaining at this position is risky. I have therefore decided to leave B205 and proceed to the scientific expedition's mobile laboratory. The laboratory is located northeast of the evacuation point.
- Content of the note.

Lt. Sokolov's Note is a paper document of lesser importance featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Location Edit

This note is left behind by Lieutenant Sokolov in Volkhov AA Complex as he was leaving for Mobile Lab. After getting to AA Complex one needs to head to a large, clearly visible building in the center of this area, on the small elevation/hill to main door entrance. Afterwards, head right through the series of doorways. Note is found on a desk in a small room with a map on the wall. This room can also be entered from a side door directly from the outside.

Usage Edit

Finding this note is a key to getting into weapons armory in Volkhov AA Complex. Without getting it the cache can't be accessed. Once picked up cannot be dropped.

The note can be returned only to Sokolov in return for an Army medkit. Surprisingly, Owl is not interested in it, so it can't be sold to him.

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