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The Southern farmstead is a major location in the Great Swamp in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


As the name implies, the Southern farmstead is located in the southeastern corner of the swamp. It is a crucial target for Clear Sky. To the west, Old church can be reached. Northeast of the Southern farmstead lies the Burnt farmstead. To the north, there is an anomaly field containing Electros and a mediocre psy emission. To the east there is one of only three exits to the Zone.


There are five little buildings, three of them to be accessed, the biggest containing a blue box to stash excess loot. The farmstead is built a little cramped, and the area offers many corners and hideouts for the Renegades. If Clear Sky has recaptured the swamps, one of the guides awaits here to show you the way to the Cordon when leaving the marshes for the first time.


The Southern farmstead is held by Renegades.


Clear Sky[]

The Southern farmstead is an objective of the Faction wars in the Great swamps. It is to be captured by all means, as it will be the only way to the outside world for Clear Sky.


Since the Military's barrels are waiting at the end of the way, this may not be the best route to leave the Great swamp. When leaving first and travelling via Northern farmstead, one has to build up the reputation with the Cordon's Loners in order to pass the Railway bridge and reach Rookie village and Sidorovich.