Sparrow (Vorobey / Воробей) is a Veteran Loner appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Sparrow is a scrawny, pallid, 27-year-old stalker. Cunning and a visionary, he can nevertheless be vicious and clueless at times. Overall, he's a rather shady character.

Originally, he came to the Zone out of curiosity, planning to return home after two months. He never did. During his very first adventure into the Zone, Sparrow crossed a field strewn with anomalies oblivious to as to how dangerous it was. As soon as he learned of his mistake, he passed out. Since then, he celebrates that date (October 9) as his second birthday[1].


Shadow of Chernobyl

He is one of the assassination targets of the Barkeep, because he was involved in a duel that resulted in the death of one of Barkeep's Stalkers. He also carries a unique weapon; the Noiseless Kora.

Sparrow, despite the hit placed on him from the Barkeep, wanders around the Bar. After the Yantar psi-emitter is disabled, he usually makes a move to the Wild Territory in order to get to Yantar, but he sometimes goes to the Army Warehouses instead. In Yantar, Sparrow will settle down at the Loner camp south of Lab X16.


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