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* [[AK-74|AKS-74N]] w/ [[GP-25 grenade launcher]]
* [[AK-74|AKS-74N]] w/ [[GP-25 grenade launcher]]
'''Spartacus''' is [[Beard]]'s go-to security expert aboard [[Skadovsk]].
'''Spartacus (Spartac / Спартак)''' is [[Beard]]'s go-to security expert aboard [[Skadovsk]].

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Spartacus (Spartac / Спартак) is Beard's go-to security expert aboard Skadovsk.


Spartacus served as a member of an unidentified riot police force prior to moving to the Zone. Though he never stated his reasons for entering the Zone, he ended up serving as the security force of Beard's operation out of Skadovsk; protecting Loners in the area and keeping the peace between Sultan and Beard.



Spartacus and his special band of Stalkers can initially be found occupying the interior of the Shevchenko, waiting for orders to go into action.

He first plays a major role during "The Hit", at the midnight raid on the Shevchenko, even if the player hasn't informed Beard of the upcoming raid. In order for the Bandits to win, Knuckles, or at least one of his squad must survive, and Spartacus must die. If the raid fails and Spartacus survives, he will appear at Morgan's arms deal, attempting to break it up with or without the player's assistance. If the player has opted to join the Loners, he will usually survive, but if the player sides with Morgan or Sultan, he will likely die quickly in the gunfight, though not before killing one or both of the Mercenaries providing security.

After the fight, if he dies, the player can acquire likely their first GP-25 grenade launcher, attached to the underside of his AK. If he has survived, he provides the coordinates to a SPSA-12 stash not too far from the site of the arm's deal, and instructs the player to return to Beard for their share of the reward. Spartacus and his team will occupy the Ranger Station for a few hours, before making their way back to the Skadovsk. Spartacus' surviving strike team members become regular Stalkers patrolling Zaton, while Spartacus himself remains inside the Skadovsk bar permenantly, stating that he will contact the player if anything else comes up.


Spartacus is one of the possible choices for the Find Replacements quest given from Hermann. He brings a group of Loners with him to reinforce the mobile lab and keeps it safe from any mutants that roam within reach, but some - namely Hawaiian and Nitro - worry that he may prove to be unreliable.


  • Spartacus is the first unusually tough stalker the player will likely run into - even if the player and the Bandits manage to kill the rest of the Shevchenko Loners, he will often kill off most of the Bandits himself. However, when players sides with Loners, he will usually quite easy die, sometimes he even will be the only one who died from Loners despite him having one of best weaponry out from all stalkers there (he has AKS-74).
  • Spartacus surviving the Shevchenko raid is a prerequisite for Owl giving the player the chance to join Morgan. The player must not alert the Loners of the raid, and the entire bandit team must die.
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