Spetsnaz or Ukrainian Special Purpose Regiments are elite Special Forces units that are deployed into The Zone in order to conduct rescue operations, surgical strikes, and other special assignments for the Ukrainian State Security Service. They appear in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


The Spetsnaz are the equivalent in terms of experience to the veteran and expert stalkers of the zone, they are specially trained to operate in the zone and know about it's way and dangers, while having superior combat training and military equipment, and numerical superiority as they tend to deploy in either squad or platoon-strength.

Spetsnaz may also employ aerial and mechanised support in the form of Mi-24 Hind Gunships and BTR-70 APCs on occasion, exemplified in the assault on the Chernobyl NPP.

In the broadest sense "Spetsnaz" may refer to any military Special Forces units operating under the Ukrainian Government. Although most Spetsnaz operators come from the Ukrainian Military, there are Zone stalkers who are contracted by the military to serve as Military Stalkers. These Stalkers represent some of the most valuable assets the Military possesses in the Zone, as they are highly skilled in combat and are well-versed in the ways of The Zone.

Spetsnaz are deployed into the most hazardous combat zones deep within the Zone, and in some cases they may be accompanied by mechanised and/or aerial support. They are deployed normally at critical locations such as Limansk, the Army Warehouses, Pripyat and the Chernobyl NPP area.



An experienced Spetsnaz Operator.

CS Spetsnaz Veteran

A veteran Spetsnaz Operator.

Spetsnaz typically utilize Tunder S14, SA Avalanche and Obokan rifles loaded with armour-piercing ammunition, and often wear high-end Berill-5M Armoured Suits. Highly skilled Military Stalkers tend to wear more effective SKAT-9M Military Armoured Suits and exclusively use 9x39mm caliber weapons.


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  • Berill-5M armoured suit - The standard-issue armor of Spetsnaz operators. Heavy duty military armor modified for use in the Zone. Features a PSZ-9a series body armor and a Sphere-08 helmet, with a TTSKO pattern uniform. Good gunfire and rupture protection, mediocre anomaly/radiation protection.
  • SKAT-9 Military Armoured Suit - The standard armor of Military stalkers. This armor is both heavily resistant to firearms and anomalies. Features a Sphere-12 helmet and heavy bullet-proof armor which has been modified to also resist anomalous conditions encountered in the zone.



Experienced Operators are the most common among Spetsnaz, and are easily distinguishable from regular troops by their Berill-5M Armoured Suits and yellow-tinted ballistic goggles. They tend to use either Akm-74/2's or AC96/2's as their primary weapons, and are commonly seen guarding and patrolling military-controlled areas. They may also be seen used as shock troops in assaults on enemy positions, and are commonly led by Veterans when in combat.


Veterans are comparably more experienced Spetsnaz Operators, wearing Berill-5M Armoured Suits and commonly use AC96/2 assault rifles. They can be easily distinguished from their experienced counterparts in that while Experienced Spetsnaz operators wear yellow-tinted ballistic goggles, Veterans instead wear black polymer Gas Masks. Veterans are deployed as either shock troops or guards in key locations, and in both games they possess the same equipment; however, it should be noted that in Shadow of Chernobyl, they look physically identical to Experienced Spetsnaz.


Expert Spetsnaz Operators, or Military Stalkers, are the most elite troops of the Ukrainian Military. They are armed with either Tunder S14 assault rifles or SA Avalanches, and wear SKAT-9 Military Armoured Suits. Spetsnaz Experts have superior training, equipment, and experience over most stalkers and a good number of them are former stalkers themselves. They are typically deployed in highly dangerous or hazardous areas, and may either appear leading Veteran squads, or in squads entirely composed of Experts.


Shadow of ChernobylEdit

  • 2 Squads of Spetsnaz Operators were dropped into the Agroprom Research Institute in order to capture it, following the defeat of a regular military strike force at the hands of Mole's Loners and Strelok in Shadow of Chernobyl. They were transported in via Mi-24 Hind D Gunships, which left promptly after dropping in the troops.
  • A number of Spetsnaz operators were dropped into the Dark Valley factory complex that housed lab X18 to secure the location. They met light resistance from local bandits. It is worth noting that, unlike all of Spetsnaz troops, 4 of soldiers who had gone into X18 had Walkers P9m pistols as sidearms, instead of usual PMms and Foras.
  • Sometime before or during the events of Shadow of Chernobyl, 10 Spetsnaz operators sporting Healing Beril suits were deployed to investigate the factory complex in Yantar. However, four of the ten operators were killed in the operation and only three of them were evacuated, with one being left behind. It is unknown if they succeeded in their mission or not.
  • A number of Military stalkers and Spetsnaz operators were also deployed into Yantar either before or during the events of Shadow of Chernobyl, most likely to investigate Lab X-16. They appear to have clashed with an invading Monolith force. Many of them met their fates in the factory complex or deep inside X-16 itself.
  • A Spetsnaz Operator and an OMON agent were deployed in the Rostok Arena, under the command of an anonymous Army General. Using tactics and his wits however, Strelok fought and killed both of them.
  • A roughly platoon-sized unit of Spetsnaz Operators attempted to seize the Brain Scorcher facility after it was deactivated by Marked One in Shadow of Chernobyl. They met heavy resistance from occupying Monolith forces however, only to find that Strelok had already visited the laboratory.
  • A battalion-sized force of Spetsnaz Experts was deployed in the Chernobyl NPP area with mechanized and aerial support, consisting of BTR-80 APC's, ZIL trucks, UAZs, and Mi-24 Hind Gunships in the later events of Shadow of Chernobyl. Many of them were killed on entry when their transports were destroyed. It is assumed, however, that all Military forces in the area were killed during the large Emission that followed.
  • If Marked One kills the three Grunts patrolling the Cordon exit in Shadow of Chernobyl, several Spetsnaz Operators will be dispatched to slaughter the inhabitants of the Rookie Village.
  • Also, if Marked One kills Major Kuznetsov and his remaining troops guarding the checkpoint under the train bridge in Cordon, later on, a squad of Spetsnaz troops will be deployed to the same area, but they will not accept bribes and will start shooting him on sight.

Clear SkyEdit

  • An unknown number of Spetsnaz operators were deployed into the Agroprom Research Institute, most likely to investigate the Agroprom Underground. Two of them died when they drove their UAZ-452 into an anomaly, one of them confiscated loot from stalkers only to die for an unknown reason, and one of them died in the underground.
  • The remnants of a Spetsnaz task force were stranded with Military survivors in the Military Warehouses, having survived the emission, psychic anomalies, and mutant attacks. They were, however, eventually killed by Kostyan's strike team and the Mercenary Scar.
  • A Spetsnaz platoon was in-charge of securing the outpost at the Cordon which was presumably led by Major Khaletskiy, along with another platoon of regular military grunts. After Clear Sky, the Spetsnaz's presence in the military base has lessened and the job of guarding the entrance was up to the grunts but there are still a few operators stationed in the outpost.
  • A platoon of Veterans were sent to Limansk under the command of a Spetsnaz Machinegunner, one of the only non-Duty Stalkers to use an RP-74 unmounted. The entire group however, was killed by advancing Clear Sky forces and the mercenary Scar during their march toward the Chernobyl NPP.

Call of PripyatEdit

  • Unlike the previous games, the Spetsnaz, along with all other military units, are friendly. Most often however, they are found dead or became Zombified Stalkers.
  • One detachment is led by Cpt. Tasarov, and take part in the player's first mission in Pripyat - taking down a Monolith Preacher. Their sniper is killed, and the others may or may not survive depending on the player's actions.
  • A recon team deployed to investigate a Monolith garrison were subjugated by a Controller to shoot each other. Everyone died and one had committed suicide by shooting himself due to the Controller.
  • Another team is deployed to destroy a psi-emitter inside a Pripyat Kindergarten, but are killed by Monolith soldiers or overcome by the transmissions. Only Lieutenant Rogovets survived the slaughter.
  • The surviving units are led by Col. Kovalsky during the Evacuation. Additional Spetsnaz members arrive at the evac point and will either survive or be killed.


Build 1154 Spetsnaz trooper

Spetsnaz trooper in Build 1154

In the first builds (most notably Build 1154, the first functional gameplay build), Spetsnaz troopers used the design for Jeffry, apparently a space marine of sorts. While the texture and model was used as a placeholder, the overall design of the marine was later reused in the Berill-5M armoured suit.

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