Spotty is a character mentioned in both Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky.

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

Not much is known about Spotty's background, but one dialogue in Shadow of Chernobyl explains his last raid.

The three of us were getting ready to try to get through to the North. We didn't know when the Scorcher emissions were lower but Spotty managed to get the info somewhere...I don't know where... We were half-way through the sector, when the Scorcher suddenly switched on again. Spotty passed out straight away and fell down the hillside. I panicked and said that we should leave everything and go back. Hunchback managed to pull himself together and said that we had to get Spotty out... I said "You're an idiot, don't you wanna live? It's over for him, how are we gonna carry him all the way back?" Just as he managed to convince me and started to climb down to get Spotty... another wave came. By the time I came to my senses I was by the military base... I thought Hunchback and Spotty stayed there... but Hunchback got him out and didn't make it himself... he got him out...
- Baldy describes what happened

Through the use of mods such as RMA Autumn, one can restore Spotty's role to the game. After giving the X-16 documents to the Barkeep, one can enter the usually inaccessible rear rooms of the bar. Spotty lays severely wounded and delirious in the back room after attempting to sneak by the Brain Scorcher with Baldy and Hunchback. The raid failed leaving Hunchback dead and Spotty in his current state. By talking to both Spotty and Baldy the player is told about a weakening in the psi-field at the same time every day as well as a hole in the fence to bypass Monolith. Unwilling to go on living in his scarred state, he offers the player an artifact to pay to support his daughter before shooting himself in the head with a pistol.

Clear Sky Edit

Although never seen, Spotty is mentioned by Limpid in a conversation. So apparently he was a Bandit. In this dialogue, Borov mentions that Spotty's real name is Kirill, and that he had little to no respect. Every night it appeared that Spotty snuck out to a stash, but when Yoga commanded him to give it up, it turned out that Spotty was only feeding scraps to a puppy, since he had nobody else to talk to. Yoga shot the puppy, and gave Spotty a beating. Nothing is known after this, except that he later became affiliated with Baldy and Hunchback, presumably leaving Yoga's bandit group altogether.

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