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The Spring is an artifact that can be found only in Shadow of Chernobyl.


According to the opinion of some researchers-theorists, this artifact is a hybrid between Batteries and Shell.

In-game description

The Spring gives a +30% bonus in impact protection with no downsides whatsoever. This makes it a valuable artifact to use through gravitational anomalies and protecting the user from accidentall falls. As well, four Springs can enable suit repairing in gravitational anomalies and by falling off heights.


The Spring can been found in the open in four locations:

  • Inside a metal box inside a "scoop" accessible by climbing to the top of steps of the iron framework just north of the building containing the entrance to X18 in the Dark Valley.
  • Another one is at the top of the tower of the Bloodsucker Village in the Army Warehouses.
  • A third Spring lies a few meters south of the Battery pair in the Red Forest, is well camouflaged, and is available during two distinct periods: afternoons / early evenings and after midnight / small hours.
  • One may also be found in the room containing the Monolith "sculpture" in Pripyat – the latter seems to be a random spawn. (May also have periodicity?)

The artifact occurs in one stash:

One may be earned as a reward for completing an optional side mission:

It can also be obtained from dead Duty and Freedom Experts in Pripyat, along with other rare and powerful artifacts, but this is very rare.

Behind the scenes[]

The Spring is clearly a nod and homage to the "empties" as described in the novella which inspired the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, 'Roadside Picnic'. They're described as follows:

They're just two copper disks the size of a saucer, about a quarter inch thick, with a space of a foot and a half between them. There's nothing else. I mean absolutely nothing, just empty space. You can stick your hand in them, or even your head, if you're so knocked out by the whole thing – just emptiness and more emptiness, thin air. And for all that, of course, there is some force between them, as I understand it, because you can't press them together, and no one's been able to pull them apart, either.