The Springboard is a type of common anomaly found in the Zone, appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


It was one of the first types of anomalies ever recorded. A Springboard is an unstable gravitational field limited to a pocket on ground level, about 1-2 meters wide. Reacts to the presence of creatures or objects by sending out a powerful shockwave that damages anything within radius. The damage caused by this changes throughout the anomaly's lifetime, ranging from minor bruises through serious wounds to instant death.

The Springboard anomaly is very common and can be found almost anywhere in the Zone, both outside and in buildings. To the naked eye, the anomaly appears as a rippling heat haze or air fluctuation accompanied by dancing leaves and sometimes crimson-colored stains on the ground. Throwing a bolt into a Springboard causes it to send out its distinctive shockwave, making it easily identifiable. It is also one of the anomalies that are harmless to pass through for a split moment after having been triggered, making bolts very useful tools for navigating a Springboard field. As players approach a Springboard their vision becomes gradually but markedly brighter as they get closer to the anomaly itself. Springboards can also be distinguished by their sound; a cluster of these anomalies produces a loud, continuous tremoring noise, similar to an earthquake. 

Springboards are easily identifiable, and easily avoidable but varying locations and odd spawn points in the games can make them a nuisance in a firefight. Players have often died in the middle of a fight, forgetting or not noticing the anomaly's presence with all the distractions, then walking straight into it. Just like all anomalies, it's best to scout the location and find a way around it.


Shadow of ChernobylEdit



Clear SkyEdit


  • The Springboard are much less common in Clear Sky. Two clusters (containing artifacts) are found in the Great Swamps (one in the starting quest, and one mixed with Gas anomalies), as well as a couple of individual anomalies (one of which appears in the intro cutscene). They're also scattered all over the Cordon, which also contains three Springboard clusters with artifacts. One more cluster is found in Garbage in Vehicle graveyard, where it's mixed with Burner anomalies. Finally, several are found in Limansk.


Anomaly fields with Springboards typically produce:

Call of PripyatEdit

Appearances Edit

This anomaly appears in all three games where it forms the following artifacts.

Notes Edit

  • Springboards remain active for a week on average.
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