A desperately outdated steel army helmet without any additions. Provides no protection against anomalies or radiation, but can deflect bullets. This helmet was never particularly popular in the Zone, except for use in brief armed conflicts between factions.

In-game description.

The Steel helmet is a protective helmet appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, available as a separate item in the latter.


A low quality counterpart to the equally poor Gas mask, the steel helmet is a more combat-oriented headgear, as it can be upgraded with Night vision and generally protects the head better.


Clear SkyEdit

It is an integral component of the CS-1 body armor. Unlike its Call of Pripyat counterpart, the Clear Sky rendition features an additional gas mask.

Call of PripyatEdit

It offers significantly more durability and protection from both gunfire and explosions compared to the gas mask, and can also be upgraded to use a mk. 1 night-vision module. Additionally, being made of metal gives the helmet an inherently high psy protection rating.


  • It can be bought from every trader.
  • An upgraded version can be found inside a Steel box hidden away inside the Claw Anomaly's caverns during side mission Unreachable Stash. The box can be taken to Cardan and pried open for 500 RU.


The helmet has two tiers of upgrades, similar in nature to the Gas mask's and can sport a first generation Night vision device. The second tier upgrades are mutually exclusive.

SCOP Steel Helmet Upgrade 1

Impregnated breathing mask
Respirator for total blocking of poisons.
250 RU
CoP Chemo Chemical protection +10%
CoP RadGood Radiation protection +10%
SCOP Steel Helmet Upgrade 2

Application of a screening coating
Application of a screening coating.
500 RU
CoP Psy Psi protection +20%

SCOP Steel Helmet Upgrade 3

Plexiglass breathing mask
A plexiglass mask can provide partial protection from radiation.
500 RU
CoP RadGood Radiation protection +20%
SCOP Steel Helmet Upgrade 4

First generation night vision device
Installation of a night vision device for operations at night or in reduced lightning condition.
1 250 RU
First generation night vision device
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