The only casualty was Lieutenant Stetsenko, who lost a couple of toes in a gravitational anomaly on his way here.
- Colonel Kovalsky

Lieutenant Stetsenko is a character that appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.



Not much is known about him other than he is a Spetsnaz operator who took part in Operation Fairway.

Events of Call of PripyatEdit

Stetsenko was aboard either Stingray 3 or 5, which crashed on the southern plateau or the swamp, respectively. Both crews met at Noah's ark, where they asked him if he could guide them to Pripyat, where the extraction point B28 is located. On his way, he was wounded when he accidentally walked into a gravitational anomaly.

When Major Alexander Degtyarev arrives in the Military-controlled Laundromat, Stetsenko is found lying on a bed behind medic Lieutenant Rogovets, apparently not having recovered from his wounds. The player cannot interact with him, and he is solely mentioned by Kovalsky when the player asks about how Stingray 3 and 5 joined Pripyat.

After Degtyarev acquired the Gauss gun from the Monolith Preacher and went to Zaton to recover the documentation about Lab X-8, Stetsenko recovered and was sent in patrol by Kovalsky. When Degtyarev returns to Pripyat, he is soon contacted by Kovalsky, asking him to find Stetsenko (if the player hasn't found the recon unit yet, the player will be told about Stetsenko when he finds their bodies). Having pinpointed Stetsenko's last signal in the old grocery store, Degtyarev investigates the area, only to find Stetsenko behaving weirdly, shooting in every direction (including at the player), while shouting. After a while, he commits suicide with his AKM-74/2U. Afterwards, a Controller emerges from the backroom, and is quickly killed by Degtyarev. Kovalsky then theorizes the soldier was attacked by the Controller and committed suicide due to mind control.



  • His body never disappears, which means the player can use it as a stash of some sort.
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