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Two bodies...Looks like they died in the crash. Everything of value has been looted and the on-board computer has been wiped clean, but the black box is still intact. Interesting. I reckon a decent technician would be able to extract the information and decode it.

Major Degtyarev

Stingray 1: investigate the crash site is a main mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


The Stingray 1 helicopter, which carried the Operation Fairway leader Colonel Kovalsky, crashed into the Helipad in Yanov.

The only danger here is the mine field surrounding the helipad. These are fortunately easy to spot as they appear as dark patches in both the world texture and minimap, and can be identified by throwing bolts, resulting in a "click" sound. It is strongly recommended to avoid them as not only they can deal serious damage to armor, but can also be a one-hit kill. A fast way and easy through the field lies along the fence.

Once the player reaches the helicopter, they begin to search the wreck. Degtyarev finds the bodies of the two pilots, seemingly killed on impact, and the black box of the helicopter.

Shortly after, a group of boars and fleshes rushes through the minefield, usually triggering most of the mines, although survivors will attack the player. The player needs to go through the minefield again, still careful.

The black box must be taken to Nitro in Yanov station. After it was given, Nitro will call the player in after a few in-game hours. Prices vary depending on the player's action, between 3000RU (if the player hasn't done anything for Nitro) and 1650RU (if the player completed the Radio equipment mission).

The recording shows that the military headed towards evacuation point B28 after Stingray 4 went down. Assuming the player investigated Stingray 3, this points the player towards Pripyat, unlocking the mission Road to Pripyat.