Information on the on-board computer. Okay, so Stingray 3 had engine failure in both engines. Hmm, what else is there? A map with what look like possible evacuation locations: Positions B2, B28, and B205. Interesting.

Major Degtyarev

Stingray 3: investigate the crash site is a main mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Description[edit | edit source]

Stingray 3: investigate the crash site is one of five missions that serve as the basis for the story line. These missions can be completed in any order. The Stingray 3 helicopter is located on the Southern Plateau, which is inaccessible without the help of a guide. According to Colonel Kovalsky, who is the commander of Operation Fairway, Stingray 3 landed safely, but was attacked by snorks and lost three of their crew.

Go to the Skadovsk and talk to Owl, who can tell you about three of the helicopters (for a price). Ask him about the southern plateau and he gives you a brief narrative of the crash site, and that the only one who can get to the site is Noah. A new secondary task displays: Getting to the plateau: find out how to get there from Noah.

Noah lives in another ship wreck south of the Skadovsk that he refers to as the Ark. Stand to the side of the door when you open it as Noah pulls the trigger on his SPSA-14. After a couple of shots, it's safe to enter and ask about getting to the crash site. Noah agrees to take you there and, when you're ready to go, a cut scene plays showing the two of you at the Burnt Farmstead. Noah shows you how to get through the Burner anomaly and then jumps into a Space Anomaly. The cut scene ends and there is a mission update: Getting to the plateau: jump into the anomaly.

Follow Noah's path by going to the right of the piece of rusted metal, then turn left and go straight for the opening in the fence. When you get there, jump into the anomaly. You are transported to the Southern Plateau west of the crash site. You have two options for getting to the crash site: go directly east to the site, or turn to the southeast and find the cave opening behind some boulders. There are two corpses in the cave that you may want to loot, Senior Lieutenant Smolyak and Warrant Officer Umerov. There are also three or four snorks in and around the cave. You may want to take care of them before you examine the helicopter as they sometimes attack you during the upcoming cut scene. Also, there's a third corpse south of the helicopter, that of Lieutenant Drapei.

Approach the helicopter and hit action to play a cut scene where Degtyarev recites the information he finds on the helicopter's on-board computer. He discovers a map with three locations that appear to be evacuation sites. At the end of the cut scene, the Stingray 3: investigate the crash site mission is complete and three new missions display: Evacuation locations: investigate position B2, Evacuation locations: investigate position B205, and Evacuation locations: investigate position B28.

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