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A Swiss-made SGI-5k assault rifle. Although it is hardly new, it is clear that the previous owner took good care of it: the weapon has been taken apart and put back together, with every component fine-tuned for optimum performance, increasing stopping power. The letter "S" has been carved into the stock, along with 16 small notches.

In-game description

Strelok's SGI-5k, also known as SGI-5k Arrow in some translations, is a unique SGI-5k assault rifle appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This unique SGI used to be Strelok's weapon until he left it in a stash for Ghost in the area of Yanov, during one of his trips to the center of the Zone. Ghost never reached the stash, leaving the weapon behind. Compared to the original SGI, this variant deals 40 damage per shot instead of 33, and features the ability to mount a silencer and a SUSAT scope along with any of its variants.

As for the weapon itself, Strelok's SGI-5k contests closely with the GP37 and FT-200M for the title of the best NATO weapon. However, unlike the other two, it can be equipped with a silencer and boasts the highest stopping power per shot. In addition, it can potentially be obtained earlier, at no cost of Rubles, as long as one remembers the three stashes' locations. Its drawback is that it has less upgrading potential than the aforementioned weapons: after upgrades, it's less accurate than the GP37 and lacks the auto-targeting and rate of fire of a fully-upgraded FT-200M. It has stiff recoil without purchasing all of the recoil reducing upgrades. Many consider this weapon to be the best assault rifle in game, although it's more about different tastes.

It should however be noted that this rifle is the only one which can be silenced among the other two and may be easier to use for newer players for its flexibility. Because it has high accuracy once fully upgraded, has bonus damage, and can accept a SUSAT scope and silencer, it can also act as a good marksman rifle, trading precision for raw damage.

The ability to mount a variety of SUSAT scopes is extremely useful. During certain parts of the game the player must wear a suit that has no night vision (even with upgrades) in a very dark area. The ability to mount a SUSAT scope with night vision is very handy then. At other points in the game, a standard scope is better because it would not interfere if the player has second generation night vision installed or better. On the other hand, both the GP37's and the FT-200M's integrated scopes can be customized through upgrades - the FT-200M can mount the unique target identification system used by the binoculars and the GP37 can be upgraded with an adjustable scope, and both can have better scope magnification and be upgraded with high contrast scopes.


This rifle is part of a side quest involving the UAV in Yanov. It always found in the last of the three Strelok's stashes. Unlocking the UAV memory module is not required to get the weapon - the player can still search the stashes without having unlocked the module, and the weapon will still appear in the last stash.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Russian name, "SGI 5k Стрелка" has two translations to English: SGI-5k Arrow (СтрЕлка, with stress on Е) and SGI-5k Strelok's (СтрелкА, with stress on А). The latter variant is correct.