When we were on our way to the CNPP, we were treated with suspicion... I think we actually killed stalkers afterwards.
- Strider

Strider (also known as Rogue in some translations) (Russian: Бродяга / Brodyaga) is a former Monolith stalker in Call of Pripyat.


Strider leads a squad of fellow ex-Monolith stalkers. They have somehow lost their connection to the Monolith (presumably for the same reasons that the Monolith in Pripyat are unable to connect to the Monolith heirachy as a result of Strelok's actions against the Common Consciousness) and wish to find shelter before Bandits or Loners kill them due to their Monolith uniforms.

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Call of PripyatEdit

Strider interaction with story is fully optional. As he and his team are ex-monolith, some players directly kill him and his crew altogether as they are essentially unpredictable. Doing this will not influence any quests and the end-game scene related to him will be completely omitted.

Sitting near a bridge between the container warehouses and the AA complex in Yanov, Strider contacts the player requesting his assistance in bringing his men to safety. Depending on the player's standing with the two factions, he can speak to either Freedom or Duty on their behalf and have them recruit Strider's squad in their faction - a substantial boost in the player's standings with that faction (though it requires good standing in order for the leaders to begin with). Despite what Strider says about his team, the squad is perfectly capable of defending themselves, and will take cover under the bridge near the campsite during an emission. Once you have gotten Strider into a faction, the rest of the squad seems to fit in once recruited, taking part in faction patrols and occasionally battles. Strider will remain inside the station, at Loki's doorstep if Kremen has moved to the main hall or the Duty warehouse, at Shulga's doorstep if Gavrilenko is not there, behind Grizzly if Mitay wasn't rescued first, or at Pilot's table if Mitay was rescued first.

When looking for a squad for the Pripyat Underground mission, the player can talk Strider into joining. He will quickly agree to return to Pripyat because he is unsure of his recent movements and actions, He wishes to find out what had happened to him . He wears a Scientific Monolith suit for the journey. His choice of a SVU sniper rifle makes him a liability and will often be the first to die as his weapon is poorly suited for close-quarter combat in the tunnels, although he is one of the more useful NPCs in the larger tunnel sections, and during the Monolith sniper attack. Most of the time he will hang back and pick off enemies during encounters with his SVU. If you want to help him survive, it's highly encouraged that you run ahead with a shotgun and clear out as many Rodents and Snorks as possible.

During the mission, if Strider dies, Zulu and Lt. Sokolov will not comment on his death, Vano often will, seemingly distressed at his comrade's fate. Likewise, Strider seems to care only when Vano goes down, and shows little emotion when he acknowledges the others going down.

After arriving in Pripyat, Strider will remain inside the Military safehouse for some time. He will eventually disappear. It is suggested that this group of ex-Monolith becomes their own faction, with Strider as its leader, in the ending.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Southern ComfortEdit

Strider makes an appearance in the first English S.T.A.L.K.E.R. novel, where he plays a prominent role as a mysterious figure first known only as Renegade. During the novel, he assists the protagonist, Major Tarasov, from the shadows and will often come in contact with him under a different call sign.

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The members of Strider's squad consists of:

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