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Well finally ....Hey, wait, dude, wait! Yoga wants to whack me?


Stringov (Avoska / Авоська) is a stalker who appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


He was a Digger at the garbage in the area of Flea Market but became a mole for Yoga, he was also a trusted friend of Wild Napr. He originally served in the concentration camp but most likely traded his loyalty for his freedom, in exchange for his freedom he worked for Yoga as a mole in the Diggers' community and feeds the Bandits information about the Diggers' movements and actions.


Clear Sky[]

Scar can either meet Stringov in the job from Yoga that requires his elimination or as a traitor when giving the 2000 RU from Wild Napr. If doing the job for Yoga the player can spare the life of Stringov for a cache of assault rifles containing: An IL 86, 2 AKM-74/2Us, an AKM-74/2, a Chaser 13 and a Viper 5. This stash is in the Garbage however even if he should be spared, he will still be killed by the Bandits thinking he got nervous and fled.

When taking the job from Wild Napr, the player is sent to give Stringov 2000 RU for the smuggled weapons mentioned earlier. However, due to Stringov's connections with Yoga, he ambushes the player alongside some Bandits. The player must kill Stringov and the Bandits, and then search his corpse for the coordinates of the stashes assault rifles. The rifles will be used to attack the concentration camp.