Sultan is the leader of the Bandits in the Zone in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. He has reorganized the faction into a darker, more secretive faction than it once was, doing deals with former enemies and making new ones in their place.

Background[edit | edit source]

According to himself, Sultan has been through a lot of trouble. When at high school, Tolyan, his closest friend, became addicted to narcotics, quickly going from cannabis to heroin and, finally, cocaine. Apparently, he eventually overdosed, due to taking drugs of a very low quality. Sultan decided to avenge him, by tracking down and killing his dealers. He was soon caught by the police, and sent to prison. There, even more trouble ensued--in fighting between gangs--and he was, apparently, stabbed in his stomach with a shiv.

After being released, he tried starting a "business", but was soon sent back to prison. After once again getting out, he decided to leave all that shit behind and set his sights on the Zone.

There, he joined the Bandits, rising through the ranks rapidly, eventually becoming the kingpin.

His way of leading the bandits is quite different from that of previous leaders, Yoga and Borov. Under his leadership, the bandits act more secretively than before and in a very organized way (except for splinter cells, like the one under Jack's command). They are less chaotic and randomly violent, at least when compared to their predecessors.

Sultan appears to believe that the Bandits aren't merely petty thieves and murderers, instead viewing them as enforcers of his peculiar brand of order.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Call of Pripyat[edit | edit source]

Sultan is constantly trying to take control of the Skadovsk from Beard and his compatriots, using tactics ranging from being merely illegal to outright violent. In this turf war, his connections come in handy, such as his alliance - of sorts - with Owl.

Other illegal activities that are evident during the course of the game is, for example, his exchange of artifacts for weapons with the corrupt Duty supply officer Morgan, his attempt to assassinate the Loners taking refuge in an old shipwreck with a strike team led by his bodyguard Knuckles, sending one of his men to Yanov to execute the fleeing Snag, trying to cut Beard's supply of "Svarog" Detectors short, as well as many others. Often, the player gets to choose whether to aid Sultan or go against him.

If the player does choose to aid Beard, Sultan will quickly lose power and bandits in Skadovsk or in the wild in Zaton will quickly become a rare sight.

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