The "Sunrise suit bandit" refers to a randomly named bandit who passes himself off as a wounded loner in-order to lure would-be good Samaritans into a bandit ambush. He sends out a false call for help in-order to lure stalkers into the trap. He is found only in Shadow of Chernobyl

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The bandit, whose name is seemingly random, is ranked as Experienced and can usually be found equip with either a Viper 5, AKSU-74 or a AK-74. He is also very rarely seen equipped with a scoped Obokan, and either a Fort-12 or an Makarov PM in addition to his Stalker Suit.

Location[edit | edit source]

Bandit killed by boars.

The bandit is most commonly found on the opposite side of the wrecked building near the Duty outpost, wandering around the swampy areas, but can occasional also be found at the entrance to the Dark Valley. Often, he can be found laying wounded in the open by the wrecked building. If the player is cautious or approaches from the right angle, they will see that he's tricking them - his bandit companions can be seen atop the wrecked building itself, and sometimes in the bushes around him. Upon approaching him, they will launch an ambush and attempt to kill the player. Sometimes if the player is too late to notice the SoS signal, Bandit can be killed by either a Boar horde or a pack of Blind dogs

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