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The Symbiont is a type of anomaly that only appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Symbiont anomaly is easily recognisable from a distance by the jagged rock claws surrounding it, and the warped trees nearby. The ground within the anomaly is cracked and collapsed downwards slightly, forming several distinct rings. Burner anomalies can be found within these cracks. In the center, the ground has completely collapsed, and gravitational anomalies can be found here. Making it especially dangerous is its inherent psi properties - it projects illusions of mutants into the player's head.


Clear Sky[]


In Clear Sky, the Symbiont can form one of the following artifacts.

The Wrenched and the Gravi spawn a short distance from the Symbiont, to the North of it. It is possible to get one of the fire related artifacts, and one of the gravitational related artifacts in one haul from the Symbiont.


The "complete" Symbiont anomaly is found only in the Red Forest. Lesser variations of this anomaly can be discovered in other parts of the Zone as well; one can be found in Agroprom and in Yantar. These particular ones are smaller and lack the psy emission column which is the Symbiont's unique characteristic. The Agroprom Symbiont does not possess any Burners, and the one in Yantar does not include any Gravitational anomalies. It can be assumed that these anomalies have vanished after the massive emission that occurs at the end of Clear Sky, as they are not present in Shadow of Chernobyl.