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....that Captain Tachenko died a long time ago... and this General Tachenko of Duty will follow him.....that's justice I suppose.

General Tachenko's last words

General Tachenko was the legendary founding father of Duty, his fate ultimately discovered in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Tachenko was one of the original Military officers sent into the Zone (along with General Krylov and likely General Voronin) on a mission to obliterate the center of it with nuclear weapons. However, once they arrived in the Zone, oblivious to all of its dangers, they were hit by an emission. Tachenko was tired of his military life and had a desire to live in the Zone, at the head of a faction. Because of these feelings, Tachenko arranged a communication breakdown to allow them to dissolve into the ranks of the Loners, but neither he nor his close-knit circle were able to predict the level of pandemonium the breakdown caused.

In order to prevent the obliteration of himself, his friends, and fellow comrades, he managed to unify the survivors into a faction that became known as Duty.

In a karmic twist of fate, Tachenko and his inner-circle vanished on a routine artifact hunting trip. The faction quickly formed a cover story, rumoring he traveled to Pripyat in search of Klondike artifacts, but most treated it with an aura of uncertainty, and rumors continued to circulate of his fate.


Call of Pripyat[]

Tachenko's team apparently fell into a Space Anomaly at the Cooling Tower in Yanov. During S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, effectively locating this anomaly requires one have the Svarog detector, and upon approaching it with the detector active, the detector evidently causes enough interference to cause the anomaly to implode. After the implosion, the bodies of General Tachenko and his men fall out of the anomaly.

When near the Cooling Tower, the player can hear General Tachenko's transmission. Tachenko says they've been without water for two days, and he requests assistance from Duty. It is impossible to bring General Tachenko out of the anomaly alive.

The player can jump down and loot the bodies, eventually finding Tachenko's. He carries a PDA detailing his final moments; after realizing they were trapped, the second-in-command eventually went insane, and shot and killed two of the others before killing himself. The last two survivors, Tachenko and his attendant named Chepurny, split up - Tachenko never saw the attendant again, he believed that Chepurny may have escaped the anomaly. However Chepurny's body can be found amongst the dead that fall out of the anomaly. Tachenko on the other hand uses his PDA to record his confession, and his final moments.

The player can give Tachenko's PDA to Owl, Loki, or Shulga. Freedom uses it to expose Duty as a bunch of frauds, while Duty promptly buries it and sticks to their cover story. Regardless of the player's choices up until now, giving it to Freedom will often tarnish their relation with both Duty and Nitro, resulting in higher prices from Nitro and Duty becoming neutral to the player if they were previously friendly. Nitro's price hike, however, can be mostly offset by completing his small quest to gather supplies for him at the cement plant.

Duty gives the player an Tunder S14 and ammunition for it, while Freedom gives a SGI 5k.

Tachenko's inner circle[]

General Tachenko had an inner circle of officers, composed of 4 people, who conspired the intentional communications breakdown with the military. They all however, died when they were trapped inside a Space Anomaly in Yanov. With their disappearance and the only people who knew the truth gone: Duty stuck with their story of being military survivors abandoned by the military. The officers were:


  • Ironically, Tachenko and his team may occasionally still have food on them - the Major and Tachenko sometimes were a good week away from starvation before they died.
  • In one of the stories of Major Zvyaginstev, he mentions that General Krylov took part in the mission to destroy the Zone shortly after its formation.
  • All of the weapons belong to Tachenko's team seem to be in perfect condition despite the fall from the anomaly to the ground.
  • If one wishes to maintain the balance, it is usually best to give it to neither faction and simply keep a hold on it. Selling it to Owl is also an option but only gives 2500RU, unlike faction leaders who offer 4000RU and weapons and ammo.