The SoC AKS-74 has nothing to do with the AK-74M, even a normal AKS-74 can mount a grenade launcher.

NOT Wooden Edit

I've examined the Beta texture for the AKS-74, and it's plastic/synthetic. It is not wooden, the color is nowhere near correct for any wood since wood is never one, brown color. David 97 23:19, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

actually it depends on what early build you take , .... from wood to plastic , they tried all versions , .... so in some builds it IS in wood , ... in the real world there are versions of wood that look like plastic but its not , its due to the high shine finish and enamel , given that 99 percent of the aks 74's in the world have wood its a good chance its meant to be wood , ...

have a nice day Dabur 23:28, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

hi ,

relooking at a special model from bulgaria today made me think , it has a nice fineer dark plastic look on it but its wood , a limited edition for party members back then and parades ,.... i can see where the confusion comes from , .... magazines , well two kinds , with wood over steel and with plastic like the 47 models , ... pressed steel with fineer over the parts are a strange feature with many , ... no other gun has this .

when i go to the range and museum over the weekend i can take a look at more of them and will let you know .

have a nice day

the akm-74/2 is less jump than the pervious version the akm-74/4

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