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"and is a prerequisite for the Diplomat achievement."

This is incorrect. I was able to get the Diplomat achievement without this. I'm not sure if the writer just got it mixed around, and actually meant that Diplomat was a requirement for Balance Advocate. 09:44, February 16, 2010 Nordom

"Note that this achievement makes the Leader achievement impossible to get because Strider's squad will not be welcomed into either faction without you both reporting Flint to them and having them guard the scientists, along with either helping Uncle Yar for Freedom or achieveing Mutant Hunter for Duty." 

I think this should be changed, since it is indeed possible to earn both the "A Man of Balance" and the "Leader" Achievement in the Vanilla Game with the latest patch (which I am refering to). 

By doing Uncle Yars Kopatchi Quest, telling Loki about Flint (and afterwars telling Gonta about Flint, which is a requirement for "A man of balance") and handing over the Jupiter documents to Loki, Freedom trusted me enough to accept Strider. Afterwards i was able to recruit Strider (as well as Sokolov and Vanno) to earn the "Leader" achievement. Giving Morgans and Tachenkos PDA to Owl is of course mandatory to earn the 'Balance' achievement.

It is therefore possible, at least by mildly siding with Freedom, to earn both achievements. I am unsure wheater it is possible while favoring Duty, since there is no  Uncle Yar quest to boost reputation(?). Maybe assigning Duty to guard the scientists might do the trick.

So if there is a 'duty-route' either proven possible or not, i think the article deserves a change.