Artifact on the crazy svoboda stalker?Edit

This is all in case someone disputes my edit to the page, in reference to the crazy stalker's equipment.

Simple answer, he can't have one. here's his code:

<specific_character id="mil_Svoboda_zombi_stalker" team_default = "1">
                <map_icon x="5" y="0"></map_icon>

                <community>bandit</community> <terrain_sect>stalker_bandit_terrain</terrain_sect>



                        [spawn] \n
						wpn_walther \n
						ammo_9x19_fmj \n
                        wpn_ak74 = 1, 1, 1, 0 \n
                        ammo_5.45x39_ap = 1 \n

#include "gameplay\character_criticals_1.xml"
#include "gameplay\character_dialogs.xml"

His supplies would make reference to an artifacts list if he were carrying.

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