The requirements listed here cannot be right because Loki was willing to accept the Monolith survivors join Freedom when all I have done is turn Flint into him, who I identified from the Avenge Splinter quest (instead of just doing enough quests to rat him out without finding Splinter). I already sold Morgan's PDA to Owl, Scientists won't give me any missions yet because my psy protection isn't enough so for that reason I haven't even seen Tachenko's PDA yet, and Black's Mercenaries are still guarding their bunker because I haven't been to the Jupiter Administrative Section yet, while Uncle Yar is still sat on a barrel at Yanov waiting for me to come accept the mission for him. I don't even have the Diplomat achievement to raise my favour with all factions which according to this guide would explain how I got so friendly with Freedom because I still haven't done either of those quests (Vano's debt/Mitay ransom). I don't even think i've offered medkits to any wounded freedom members that I can recall. So basically all I had to do was tell Loki about Flint and that was enough for him to accept them and now they are all stood in Yanov dressed as Freedom, including Strider because I haven't asked him yet, while a Wind of Freedom suit appeared in my personal box at Yanov once the Monolith joined, and is also now sold by Hawaiian olong with ordinary Loner Stalker gear/suit, while Duty remain Neutral to me and Freedom are friendly. Only achievements at this point are 'Detective' 'Courier of Justice' and 'One of Ours', no others not even Diplomat. 21:42, April 9, 2014 (UTC)

That is my experience, as well.  Telling Loki about Flint seems to be the trigger point.  I tried selling Loki the documents from Jupiter, doing Yar's mission,  and then allowing Freedom to guard the scientists but that didn't work.  When I told Loki about Flint, he then welcomed the Monolith survivors.  After seeing that, I went back and tried it again another way.  I did Yar's misision and told Loki about Flint and it worked.  If no one objects to this, I will edit in a week.

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