Call of Pripyat locationsEdit

Instead of hoping that the RP-74 appears in a trader's inventory (I have never seen it), or that it is wielded by an enemy (still haven't seen it), there is one that is in a stash in north Pripyat. If you go to the large vines that are on the side of the apartment building, you can climb up them. One of the vines leads out onto a ledge you can step onto, and then you can enter a small apartment. Inside you can find:

- several medkits

- a vodka

- an RP-74

- 300 bullets

While the medkits and vodka are in clear sight on a desk, the RP-74 and bullets are hidden behind a recliner. While this is very far into the game, it's a guaranteed way to get one should you lose the chance to get Zulu's and not want to wait for one.

Would anyone else like to confirm this and add it to the wiki entry? ~Kleptomaniac

There is a PKM in labx8 at the top of an elevator shaft I believe. Also I've had one dropped by a zombie at some point, and one dropped by I think a monolith or a mercenary. No confirmation on where cause this is just from the top of my memory. Kewlcrayon 04:22, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

It's in the room where the poltergeist is. GVBN 14:32, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

PKms are used only by Duty Masters and Zombie "Masters". Duty Masters only appear if the player tips the balance in their favor in Yanov, though one will always spawn the first time the player visits Yanov. Zombie Masters in Kopachi Village are rare, but if you lost some of Poplar's squad one will likely turn up during the Measurements escort quest. Yet to see one turn up in a Monolith's hands, though if a Zombie goes down near them they'd likely make a beeline for it - the PKm is the game's top-ranked weapon in the AI, even snipers will ditch their SVDs for it. LonerDeacon 12:47, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

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