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This machine gun is intended for mounting onto a tank turret, but can be used just as well as a hand-held machine gun.

In-game description

The Tank machine gun is a unique variant of the RP-74 light machine gun featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This weapon is a coaxial machine gun mounted on a derelict T-64 tank near the Space Anomaly in the Red Forest and a quest item. Weighing in at 7.5kg on its own, it can handle up to 2000 rounds at a time - ten times as much as a regular RP-74, which brings the weapon weight to 33.5 kg.

Due to the weapon's weight and its voracious need for ammunition, a player will likely not only need an Exoskeleton to get the most out of it, but they will also need to use it, and nothing else. It also has the same stats of a normal RP-74 except for magazine capacity and cannot be upgraded, this is more or less for players who wants to go mad with spraying their enemies in a hail of lead without wanting to reload frequently, otherwise it is better to turn it in.


This weapon can be obtained after getting the job to get this weapon from a Duty, Loners or Freedom squad leader in the Red Forest.

The tank where the weapon is found is where the Space Anomaly appears, to the north of the Symbiont anomaly. The player must search the tank through the hatch as it was a stash to get the weapon. Along it is 2000 7.62x54mm PP rounds.


  • Since the patch 1.5.07, the machine gun only appears if the associated side mission was taken. Otherwise only the rounds will appear within the tank.
  • Much like other side missions involving fetching weapons, one can lure mutants onto the squad leader that gave the job and have him killed so they can collect back the weapon. Not only the player will have already received their reward, but they can sell the weapon to a trader for a good price. The rounds alone can also be sold for a good price as well should the player not use them.