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This template is an infobox for anomaly pages.


Type {{Infobox Anomaly}} at the top of an anomaly article.


{{Infobox Anomaly
<!-- General -->
|name=Fruit Punch
|image=Fruit Punch.jpg
|imagedesc=Fruit Punches in the [[Agroprom Underground]]
|type=Chemical/Activated by contact
<!-- Shadow of Chernobyl -->
|shocarties=* [[Slime]] 
* [[Slug]] 
* [[Mica]]
|shoclocs=* [[Agroprom Underground (Shadow of Chernobyl)|Agroprom Underground]]
<!-- Clear Sky -->
|cslocs=* [[Agroprom Underground|Agroprom Underground]]
* [[Red Forest (Clear Sky)|Red Forest mine]]
<!-- Call of Pripyat -->

results in...

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