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This template is used as an infobox for the character pages.


{{Infobox Character
at the top of a character article and fill in the fields.

Data fields

  • name – Name of the character. (As appeared in-game).
  • image – Image. (Recommended size = 250px).
  • imagedesc – Image description.
  • aliases – Nicknames related to the character.
  • shocrank – Rank in Shadow of Chernobyl.
  • shocaff – Affiliation in Shadow of Chernobyl (See: Factions).
  • shocequip – Equipment (Weaponry and Suit) in Shadow of Chernobyl.
  • csrank – Rank in Clear Sky.
  • csaff – Affiliation in Clear Sky (See: Factions).
  • csequip – Equipment (Weaponry and Suit) in Clear Sky.
  • coprank – Rank in Call of Pripyat.
  • copaff – Affiliation in Call of Pripyat (See: Factions).
  • copequip – Equipment (Weaponry and Suit) in Call of Pripyat.


{{Infobox Character
|shocaff=[[Image:Dolg_Patch.png|22px]] [[Duty]], [[Silence]] squad
|shocequip=* [[Exoskeleton|Duty Exoskeleton]]
* [[VLA Special Assault Rifle]]
* 30 [[9x39mm PAB-9]]
*[[SIP-t M200]]
* 20 [[.45 ACP Hydroshock]]
* Random amounts of drugs, items and food
|shocquests=* [[Kill the tower sniper]]
* [[Kill Lukash]]
|copaff=[[Image:SCS_Mercs.png|22px]] [[Mercenaries]]
|copequip=* [[Exoskeleton|Mercenary Exoskeleton]]
* [[SPSA-14]]
* [[SGi 5k]]
* [[TRs-301]]

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