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This template is used as an infobox for item articles.


{{Infobox Item
at the top of an item article and fill in the fields. Note: The image field does not need wiki links. When listing the image, simply enter its name without "File:" preceding it and without surrounding brackets, i.e. "Lr300.png", not "[[File:Lr300.png]]" or "File:Lr300.png".


{{Infobox Item
|type=Health pack
|socstats=*'''Weight:''' 0.30 kg
*'''Standard price:''' 150 RU
*[[File:SOC Protect Icon Heal.png]] <span style="color: green; font-weight: bold;">+60%</span>
*[[File:SOC Protect Icon Blee.png]] <span style="color: green; font-weight: bold;">+30%</span>
*[[File:SOC Protect Icon Rad.png]] <span style="color: green; font-weight: bold;">-10%</span>
*'''Price:''' 300 [[RU]]
*'''Weight:''' 0.10 kg
*[[File:CoP HealthRegen.PNG]] <span style="color: green; font-weight: bold;">+100</span>
*[[File:CoP WoundHeal.PNG]] <span style="color: green; font-weight: bold;">+5</span>
*[[File:CoP Duration.PNG]] <span style="color: yellow; font-weight: bold;"> 10 sec.</span>

results in...

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