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Theft is a side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


In order to get the mission, the player must have completed the Reputation mission.

After the player finds Snag at Yanov Station, if the player leaves and returns to Yanov station, the player will find that their locker has been looted and Snag has disappeared again.

The player now has to find out who did the theft. The player can speak to most of the Yanov Station residents to find out more. Nitro and Shulga will both simply say such a thing wouldn't have happened in a Duty base, Loki will be sure it's not one of his men, Hawaiian will both say it's probably not Freedom nor Duty members. Strider will advise the player to speak to Bonesetter.

Effectively, speaking to Bonesetter is the solution. The following dialogue depends on if the player had previous completed the Unidentified weapon mission in Pripyat or not.

I heard there was some shooting around here recently...

Major Degtyarev

Ah, that was me. Some idiots decided to get together by the tower... They had an argument or something, started shouting and shit. I fired off a couple MG rounds and they bolted towards the substation. That was it for the moron convention, hehe.


Bonesetter then says he heard a shooting by Zulu's tower. The player can ask Zulu about it, who says he heard two people arguing outside his tower, and to scare them off, he fired some rounds of his machine gun. He says he saw them running towards the substation. This prompts the player to investigate the Substation.

Someone stole things from my box. Do you know who it might have been?

Major Degtyarev

No, nothing like that has happened here. Hrm... I did see one suspicious guy very recently though. I went for a walk and on my way back I spotted a stalker leaving Yanov. As soon as he clocked me, he started being rude for no reason and said something about knowing where I live or some shit like that. I just ignored him at the time, ‘cause I thought he was drunk or something but now that I think about it, it'’s pretty dodgy.


If the player has already been to Pripyat (making Zulu inavailable as he accompanies the player for the trip), Bonesetter will tell the player he once spotted a stalker that started being rude for no reason, and he thought he was drunk. The player can ask his name and location, and he will reply he knew he was named Snag and went to the Substation.

Upon reaching the Substation, it turns out Snag was caught and wounded by Sultan's messenger. The player can let the Bandit go, or insult him (and he will become hostile). The player can then either kill Snag or rescue him. If the player heals him, he will tell the player where he hid the player's stuff. If the player kills him, the location is given when the player takes Snag's PDA.

Either way, the entrance to the station's underground opens behind the building. Inside is a locker that will contain all of the player's stolen gear as well as some other random supplies.


There is no reward for completing the mission, although it is the only way to recover what was stolen from the player. The Sultan's messenger's PDA as well as Snag's PDA can be sold to Owl, for 500RU and 200RU, respectively. The locker that contains the player's stolen gear will also contain things that was in the Unreachable Stash and Snag took during conversation in Skadovsk and some random loot, which may be a low-tier weapon like the Viper 5, middle-tier suit (up to Berill-5M armoured suit) or other random items like ammunition or medicines.

The messenger also holds a Black Kite that can be picked up after killing him.


  • If the player gives Snag a medkit and lets him live, he will return to Yanov Station where he will remain for the rest of the game.