Yeah, I came to Zaton with two of my buddies, Barge and Joker... Young kids, full of piss and vinegar! Itching to get their hands on mountains of artifacts, dying to be the first, the fastest... And I looked at those burning eyes and I said to myself, that ain't gonna do them no good. Loot's nice to have, sure, but it ain't worth charging headlong into a mutant's jaws. Well... We were hanging out one night, drinking, and started arguing over what to do next - should we go on or stay, and if we go, where to. Everyone's sticking to his guns, standing pat. Things got pretty heated and when the argument was over, we all went our own way, me included. I told them they ain't seen life yet... and some other unpleasant things. Man... If I only I could see them again, I would say I'm sorry for what I said then... We'd hang out together like before and remember the good ol' times...


I can pass your apologies on to your buddies if I run into them.

Major Degtyarev

Three Comrades is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Description[edit | edit source]

If one were to give Cardan two vodkas, speaking to him will have him mention two friends of his. Asking more details about it will have him inform the player of both Joker and Barge, with whom he parted ways after a heated argument. The player may then offer Cardan to pass his apologies to them should they run into each other, starting the quest.

Unbeknownst to Cardan, both his friends died after exploring anomalies. The player must then fetch the PDAs of Barge and Joker to Cardan to complete the mission.

  • Joker's body can be found to the south of the Oakpine. It is actually not a body but a skeleton, so it won't show up on the minimap. Next to the skeleton lies a gas mask with an extra psi protection modification installed, and Joker's own PDA. The nearby area is often patrolled by various mutants, so one should be prepared for a fight.
  • Barge's body can be found in the tunnels beneath the Burnt Farmstead. The way to his body is hindered by the two moving Comets in the area as well as Vortexes and gas anomalies. The player can search Barge's corpse for his PDA, a Sunrise suit with pre-installed modifications, an AKM-74/2 and random supplies.

With both PDAs in the player's possession, return to Cardan to give them to him and tell him the bad news, completing the quest.

Reward[edit | edit source]

The only reward for this mission is a slight discount on Cardan's price, although completing the mission is required to get Cardan's good ending. Extra rewards include Joker's gas mask and Barge's stalker suit which have already some upgrades installed, which could serve good purpose for the player at the very early game.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is not required to get the mission in order to find the PDAs. This means one can still complete the mission if it was not taken before completing the Unidentified weapon mission, as the player will no longer have the option to give Cardan vodka after giving him the Gauss rifle. Bringing one PDA will allow the player to take the mission and find the other PDA, and one could simply take the two PDAs and give them to Cardan directly.
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