If you want variety, go to a mall.
- Thrush

Thrush (Drozd / Дрозд) is a Loner and the faction's trader in the Agroprom Research Institute stalker base lead by Orest in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


When he first heard about Orest stalker group he immediately took whatever he could carry, joined the group, and used what he brought for trade, he then became the group's main trader.

Appearances Edit

Clear Sky Edit

Thrush only makes an appearance in Clear Sky, where he is the Loner faction's trader in Orest's base in Agroprom Research Institute. Thrush does not have much of an inventory; however, he does sell the rare Exoskeleton if one joins the Loner faction, although the chances it appearing in his inventory are exuberantly rare. [1]

Bugs Edit

  • He may sometimes die from gunfire during one of the Bandit's raids on the base
  • If he dies he can not be respawned, but his body stays and if he dies in the right position you may loot him.
  • A bandit may occasionally start firing at him, and that bandit will only stop if the player starts to trade with Thrush or Thrush is killed.
  • For some reason that bandit will never reload or die until one of the former.
  • A loner may occasionally sit down in front of thrush, preventing you from talking to him.
  • Thrush sometimes dies during an emmision if the player is inside the Loner base at the time.
  • If a player drags a body with loot near him, quicksaves and starts trading the loot but quickly exits while loot is in the trade menu and loads the save and starts trading again, the loot will be both in your inventory and the body's. However the loot in the player's inventory only appears in the trade box when trading with Thrush.

References Edit

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