A decent set of tools. It looks like it was carefully put together by an experienced technician for his own use. Despite their age, the tools are in good condition.
- In-game description
The Tools for fine work are a mission item in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This mid-tier toolkit must be brought to Cardan and Nitro for their Tools side mission. Each character will give the player 1200 RU as well as unlocking tier 2 upgrades when they receive the item.


Substation WorkshopEdit


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat Tools - Zaton Fine Tools

Location of Zaton Fine Tools

Hatchet and his team are unwittingly guarding the area's local set of fine tools. By completing Hatchet's side mission Food, the player can enter their camp and roam about freely as long as their guns are holstered. Hatchet and his team will turn hostile if the player is spotted with a weapon out. The fine toolkit is right beside the three Mercs in the south-western area, sitting atop a crate beside one of them.

As an alternative one may go in guns blazing, but early in the game, with not having adequate equipment yet, going against Hatchet's team is nearly suicidal. Stock on some medikits before assaulting the base. The best way to take out the mercs is that as soon as one enters the camp take out Hatchet with a headshot. Now take out the rest of his men one-by-one (though they may come in groups of two) by occasionally taking cover behind the outside walls of the camp. Some of the mercs come out of their camp, into the open. Finish them off using grenades (for cover) and headshots. The mercs use grenades, AKM-74/2s, Viper 5s and occasionally TRs 301s.

Jupiter workshop Edit


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat Tools - Yanov Fine Tools

Location of Yanov Fine Tools

Yet another important item inside the Jupiter Factory area. Located in a separated area from the rest of the complex, it can be accessed by taking the road to the west of the Concrete Bath anomaly - with some care, as bandits will likely ambush the player from further to the west if they haven't already been cleared out. The building that contains the toolkit is in the southermost section of the factory, and is the only building in this section, past the gate. The tools are found at the top floor. This must be done with some care as that floor is host to an electrical anomaly field, and the low pipes will prevent the player from simply using bolts and running to get through safely. The toolkit is located inside the dark green locker at the very end of the floor, and the door to the left of it can be opened to provide an easy one-way escape route.

There can be difficulty getting past some overhead pipes on the second floor, even crouching. This can be solved by pressing a key bound to "lean" while crouching, then walking forward. One can also hold Walk while crouching to crouch even lower, which is also useful in combat. It is best to also kill any mutants outside, as they can walk up the stairs and attack the player, assuming they survive the anomalies.

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