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Tooth was the trader for the Bandits in the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Previous history[]

He was originally an arms dealer during the Cold War but was arrested during a major deal, after he was released from prison, he then bought items stolen by burglars where again he was caught and arrested and sent to prison again. When he got out of prison, the Soviet Union had collapsed and he was unable to adapt to the new regime of his country, he then went to the Zone as he saw it fit for him and became a trader without second thought. He doesn't really care much about Yoga's leadership just as long as he can sell his goods.


Clear Sky[]

The player comes to Tooth for faction related rewards. His shop is located at the right of the depot's entrance. There is a metal door in front of his shop, with a blue box behind it. You can find artifacts in it.

Late night armory[]

In some cases around 11:00p.m and 12:00 a.m, Tooth's inventory will be greatly expanded and will sell a wide array of exotic armaments and munitions. His inventory includes the AS VAL and the VSS Vintorez along with armor piercing 5.45x39 and 5.56x45 rounds and PAB-9 and SP-6 9x39mm rounds. Keep in mind however that unless you either have joined or have very good relations with the Bandit faction, the prices for his goods are absurdly high and he pays pathetically for even high-tier weapons and items. This starts after you have completed the job of bringing Sidorovich's important case from the Military.


  • It is implied in Call of Pripyat that he, along with other prominent Bandits in Clear Sky, left the zone after mugging a large group of Loners on their way to Oasis.[source/verification needed]